Canada is one of the leading countries where most people search for a high-quality life. Canada is a dream country with its stunning natural beauty, superior education sector, and hospitable environment. Many people are now migrating to the nation. But relocating to a foreign country can be rather difficult, even when it comes to getting hired. Fortunately, the Canadian food and beverage industry is very prosperous nowadays so there are many offers for professionals in this field. Let’s look at all the details regarding this job along with the benefits.

Job Details

  • Position:  food and beverage service
  • Salary: $17.50 hourly 40 hours per week
  • Employment type: Permanent employment, Full time
  • Country: Canada
  • Education: Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree

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Understanding the visa sponsorship process for job opportunities in Canada

One of the most widely used visa programs is TFWP. In this program, employers in Canada hire foreign workers to plug the gaps that are occasioned by a lack of qualified Canadians or permanent residents. The TFWP mandates employers to secure an LMIA from ESDC before hiring foreign workers. The LMIA evaluates how the hiring of a foreign worker affects the Canadian labor force.

The second way of visa sponsorship is through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Every province and territory in Canada has a PNP that provides the opportunity to nominate foreign skilled professionals, based on their qualification level relevant to the local labor market Sponsorship of foreign workers through the PNP can be performed by employers in the food and beverage service industry, working with a provincial government.

Exploring the Various Types of Jobs in the Food and Beverage Industry

Let’s look at the types of jobs in the food and beverage industry:

  • Waiters: They are involved in the taking of orders, serving food and drinks as well as ensuring guest satisfaction.
  • Bartender: Skilled bartenders are professionals who prepare and serve a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They need to have a deep understanding of various drinks’ recipes.
  • Barista: The baristas work only with coffee and espresso-based drinks. They grind the coffee beans, brew, and make latte art with them.
  • Chef: Chefs are the brains behind delightful meals in restaurants. They design menus, conduct kitchen operations management, and safeguard food quality.

Requirements for Working in the Food and Beverage Industry

  • The applicant should be an English language expert.
  • The candidate is required to at least have a secondary (high) level graduation certificate.
  • The candidate should work with employees.
  • The candidate should assist buyers/firms with special needs.
  • The candidate should offer stellar customer service.

Duties for Working in the Food and Beverage Industry

  • The candidate should be above the legal drinking age to prepare and serve alcoholic drinks.
  • Most likely, candidates will be expected to respond to customers’ complaints or concerns.
  • The nominee will most likely be responsible for enforcing provincial/territorial liquor statutes and regulations.
  • Money stability and gross sales data should be maintained by the candidate.
  • The candidate should empty and clear tables, trays, and chairs.
  • The candidate would supervise various servers and bussing staff.
  • The candidate should schedule workers.

Jobs Benefits

Here are some benefits of working in the sector of food and beverage:

  • The flexible working hours
  •  Highly competitive salary packages
  • The food and beverage service sector in Canada offers plenty of employment opportunities targeting people with different interests and skills.
  • Be it an entry-level or a person with experience, one can advance his career and move on to more responsibilities.
  • You can get accommodation and transport expenses in some cases.
  • One more good feature of this field is flexibility in work hours. Several establishments are open during nights, weekends, and holidays.

Salary Package

The Salary for Food and Beverage Industry Workers in Canada is $17.50 hourly 40 hours per week. Your pay can differ due to your experience and due to the amount paid by various companies.

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How to Apply?

There are plenty of employment opportunities available in the food and beverage service. This sector of Canada is perfect for individuals looking to build a prosperous career. International candidates can chase their dreams of working in Canada with free visa sponsorship.

Apply Now

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