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In Turkey, Students can work while they are in school as long as they follow certain rules. During the school year, undergraduates can work up to 20 hours a week, and during the breaks, they can get full-time jobs. On the other hand, graduate students can work up to 30 hours a week as study assistants.

In 2024, there will be thousands of high-paying jobs in Turkey that are less competitive and open to students. Students looking for both part-time and full-time jobs will find Turkey to be a friendly place to live.

Turkey’s economy is broad and growing. It includes many areas, such as tourism, education, and technology, which gives students a wide range of job opportunities that can help them with their studies. There are a lot of part-time jobs available, especially in cities like Istanbul and Ankara. These jobs help students learn important skills while they are still studying. There are full-time jobs available that are great for students who want to learn more about the Turkish work culture, especially during breaks from school.

Not only do these jobs in Turkey help students make money, but they also give them the chance to improve their professional skills and make connections in a business setting. Turkey’s laws are also very flexible, so students can work part-time while they’re in school and full-time during their breaks.

Details of Part/Full Time Jobs in Turkey for Students 2024

Eligibility Criteria for Students to Start a Job in Turkey

Students in Turkey need to get a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in order to officially work. This process is usually pretty easy, and it can be finished in a few weeks.


To get a student work pass in Turkey, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Enrollment in a full-time undergraduate or graduate study at a university in Turkey that has been approved
  • Being in possession of a legal student visa.
  • Maintaining a good level of success in school.
  • Getting a job offer from a Turkish company
  • Students who want to work in Turkey should talk to the international office at their university to get specific information on how to apply for jobs and look for work.

List of Job Occupations for Students in Turkey 2024

If a student in Turkey wants to work, there are many part-time and full-time jobs available for people with a wide range of skills and hobbies. There are a lot of jobs on campus at universities in Turkey, like in the library, restaurant, or reception area. People are really interested in these jobs because they are easy to get and work with students’ plans.

If you’re looking for work outside of school, these fifteen jobs are popular with international students in Turkey:

  1. Graphic Designer: A great fit for creative people. You can make animations, drawings, and other things as a freelancer or part-time worker for different companies. You can set your own hours and get paid an average of 50 ₺ an hour.
  2. Part-Time Customer Service Agent: Great for people who speak English and Turkish well. Talk to people on the phone, through text messages, and on social media, and offer them help and advice. It pays 54 ₺ an hour, which is a steady rate.
  3. Part-Time Sales Associate: Designed for people who are convincing and have a passion for fashion and shopping. Help people with their shopping in places and get paid about 28₺ an hour.
  4. Gas Station Attendant: This is a job that requires good communication and the ability to do more than one thing at once. Duties include keeping the station clean and helping customers. It pays thirty pesos a house.
  5. Freelancing: For people who are good at many things, like writing, photography, or web design. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork offer a range of project-based jobs.
  6. Amusement Park Attendant: A fun choice, especially in the summer, is to run and take care of rides. The job gives you freedom and pays about 29 pesos an hour.
  7. Call Center Representative: You can handle customer calls and questions on a set plan, which will help you balance work and school. 49₺ an hour is the going rate.
  8. Tutoring: You can share what you know about things you’re good at by tutoring others in public or private settings in your area. You can set your own hours and get paid an average of 38₺ an hour.
  9. Translator: You can work as a translator for companies and tourist spots and set your own hours. The average pay is 40 ₺ per hour.
  10. Bartender: You can mix drinks in a lively place, set your own hours, and get paid an average of 22 ₺ an hour plus tips.
  11. Waiter/Server: Help people when you’re at places. The hours are open, there are tips, and meals are often provided. The hourly rate is 21 ₺.
  12. Tour Guide: Show guests around your city. You can set your own hours and get paid an average of 26₺ per hour.
  13. Student Ambassador: In different ways, represent your university. Leading people is the job, it pays 28 ₺ an hour, and it doesn’t get in the way of studying much.
  14. Dog Walker: With an hourly rate of 22 ₺, this is an open and fun way for dog lovers to make money.
  15. Librarian: Perfect for people who like to work in a quiet place. Take care of the library and make 30₺ an hour on average.

All of these jobs give international students in Turkey a unique chance to make money while they learn and gain useful experience in a variety of fields.

List of Websites where Students can find Jobs in Turkey in 2024

There are a few good websites that students looking for full-time and part-time jobs in Turkey in 2024 can check out:

General Job Boards to find Turkish Jobs in 2024:

  1. Kariyer.net: There are many job openings on this large Turkish job board, which is written in both Turkish and English.
  2. İŞKUR: The official job site for the Turkish government, with a focus on jobs in the state sector.
  3. Memur alımı: Specializes in government job listings and application procedures.
  4. Devlet Personel Başkanlığı: This is the website for the Turkish Civil Service Commission, which has information about jobs in the civil service.
  5. LinkedIn: A professional networking site that a lot of people use and that has a lot of job openings in Turkey.
  6. Tübitak Bilim ve Teknik Dergisi: It is aimed at people who work in science and technology and lists jobs in study and academia.
  7. CareerBuilder: A global job board that works in Turkey and lists jobs in both English and Turkish.
  8. Indeed: A well-known global job board with a strong presence in Turkey.
  9. Glassdoor: Offers company reviews by employees and job listings.

Websites for Student Jobs in Turkey in 2024:

  1. Genç Kariyer: It’s all about work for students and recent graduates.
  2. YÖDAK İş Portalı: Mostly talks about internships and jobs that can be found at Turkish colleges.
  3. AIESEC Türkiye: offers internships and volunteer work.
  4. IAESTE Turkey: Offers internships for students in engineering, technology, and science.
  5. Global Internship Türkiye: Provides a range of internship opportunities for students.

Job Boards for Specific Industries of Turkey to search for jobs in 2024:

  1. Teknograd: A hub for technology industry jobs.
  2. Sağlık Kariyeri: Specializes in healthcare industry jobs.
  3. Eğitim Kariyeri: Focuses on jobs in the education sector.
  4. Turizm Kariyeri: Lists job opportunities in the tourism industry.
  5. Finans Kariyeri: Dedicated to jobs in the finance sector.

The sites listed above are great places for Turkish students to start their job search. To avoid scams, always do a lot of study and be careful about giving out personal information online.

Documents required for a Turkish Work VISA:

If you want to apply for a Turkish Work Visa, make sure you have all the papers you need. Knowing what needs to be done ahead of time will make the process go more quickly and with less misunderstanding. What you’ll need:

  1. Valid Passport: Make sure that the validity period covers the whole time you will be there.
  2. Letter of Acceptance or Job Offer Letter: from either the college you want to go to or your future boss in Turkey.
  3. Two Passport-sized Photos: Photos must be new and meet the normal requirements for passport photos.
  4. Proof of Booked Flight Tickets: To demonstrate your travel plans.
  5. Travel and Health Insurance: Covering the duration of your stay.
  6. Proof of Paid Tuition Fees: For students, this shows that you are serious about going to Turkey to learn.
  7. Proof of Financial Support: Proof that you can pay for your own expenses during your stay.
  8. Proof of Accommodation: Confirming where you’ll be staying in Turkey.
  9. Transcripts and Academic Records: Relevant to your studies or job.
  10. Completed Turkey Student Visa Application Form: Filled out with accurate information.

Benefits of Part/Full Time Jobs in Turkey for Students:

  1. Professional Development: Jobs give students a chance to get better at their jobs, meet people in the business world, and get real-world experience that is linked to what they are studying.
  2. Financial Independence: There are both part-time and full-time jobs for students that let them make money to help pay for their living costs and support themselves while they study.
  3. Cultural Exposure: When students work in Turkey during breaks from school, they get to experience the local work culture, which helps them understand and adjust to professional settings.
  4. Flexible Working Hours: Turkey’s rules are flexible, so students can work full-time during breaks and part-time during the school year. This lets them balance their work and school obligations.
  5. Diverse Job Opportunities: Turkey’s economy is growing, and it includes tourism, education, and technology. This means that students can find a lot of job chances and try out different fields.
  6. Language Development: Although knowing Turkish is helpful, the need for bilingual workers makes it possible for students to improve their language skills, especially in English and Turkish.
  7. International Job Market Exposure: Online job boards and sites connect students to a wide range of job openings, exposing them to the global job market and making them more employable.
  8. Ease of Work Permit Process: With help from university foreign offices and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, getting a work permit in Turkey is a pretty easy process.
  9. Transition to Post-Graduation Work: Students can apply for a short-term residence pass up to six months before they graduate. This makes it easier for them to go from being in school to working as a professional in Turkey.
  10. Cultural Integration: Working in Turkey gives students the chance to become more involved with the culture, make friends, and learn more about the habits and customs of the country.

Is it legal for International Students to Work on Turkish Study VISA?

It is just as important to know the legal side of working in Turkey while on a student visa as it is to know how to apply for a visa. This information helps foreign students stay out of trouble with the law and make smart choices.

International first-year college students in Turkey who are registered full-time can start working after the end of their first year. This includes students in two-year associate programs. But they should know that it is against the law to work only with a Student Visa. They need to get a Student Work Permit in order to officially work, which makes sure that their job follows Turkish law. It’s important for these students to find a balance between their work and study obligations and put their schoolwork first.

The General Directorate of International Labor gives out different types of work permits, such as short-term, indefinite, and solo work permits.

The process of getting a Student Work Permit is usually easier for graduate and Ph.D. students than for undergraduates. This makes it easier for them to officially work in Turkey.

A short-term residence permit can also be applied for up to six months before you graduate from a higher education school in Turkey if you plan to work there after you graduate. With this permission, you can work for a year, which can help you transition between school and work in Turkey.

Language Requirement for Starting a Job in Turkey in 2024

Many people want to get a job in Turkey, but one of the biggest challenges is getting through the language standards. Many companies prefer to hire people who can speak Turkish fluently, so being able to speak Turkish well is often necessary to get well-paid part-time jobs.

But because there are more foreign students and the tourism industry is growing, there is a greater need for people who can speak both English and Turkish well. In these places, employers are more likely to hire people who can speak two languages well.

Even though it might be hard to find the right part-time job, having these language skills can really help your chances of getting a job in Turkey. Additionally, learning Turkish or getting better at it can be very helpful, making it easier to find work and making your time in Turkey more enjoyable overall.


Finally, having a part-time or full-time job in Turkey is good for students in more ways than one. They offer chances to learn new skills, make connections, and get real-life experiences that go along with what you learn in school. Students can build a strong work foundation by smartly navigating the job market and getting through tough situations.

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