We are pleased to inform you about Jobs in the Netherlands With Work VISA for Foreigners 2024/2025

You may be wondering why I am providing you with information about jobs in the Netherlands today. It’s because I see the Netherlands as one of those European countries where there is a skills shortage and jobs are in extremely high demand. This is because a large portion of the Netherlands’ population is aging, and after the global pandemic, companies are struggling to find skilled workers.

Therefore, if you possess some of the most in-demand skills along with the appropriate qualifications and work experience, please also consider applying for skills shortage jobs in the Netherlands and try to accept the Netherlands as your new home, as you may be eligible to apply for Dutch citizenship after a few years.

List of Jobs in the Netherlands With Work VISA for Foreigners:

Now I will describe some of the professions that are in extremely high demand in the Netherlands and fall under the category of occupations with a skills shortage in the Netherlands.

1- Labor Market jobs in the Netherlands

This section is central to the article because it explains how the labor market in the Netherlands will function in 2024. In this regard, I am pleased to note that over 300,000 new positions are created annually in the Netherlands (Source Statista). The most common jobs in the Dutch labor market are production workers, industrial technicians, hospitality workers, production planners, truck drivers, shelf stackers, warehouse workers, janitors and housekeepers, and customer service workers; therefore, if you have any experience or qualification (most of these jobs do not require a college degree) in these professions, do not waste time and start applying at Arbeidsmarktinformatie.

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2- Nursing & Doctors Jobs

Now I will provide you with some information on healthcare sector jobs in the Netherlands that are currently in high demand, and you will be pleased to learn that the salaries are also quite high in Dutch healthcare. The most in-demand skill shortage job in the healthcare sector is nursing, which offers a salary of €4000 to €8000 at some hospitals. If I were to recommend where to apply, you should start by submitting your resume to BovenIJ Ziekenhuis, Alrijne Hosp.

3- Jobs for Mid Level Educational Qualification Workers

Now let’s discuss occupations in the Netherlands with skill shortages that require mid-level educational credentials such as MBO-2/3/4, HAVO, diploma, or VWO. Therefore, if you possess any of these credentials in the disciplines of carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, selling products, or painting, I am pleased to inform you that all of these occupations will be in high demand in the Netherlands in 2024 and require a middle level of education.

4- Education Sector Jobs

You will be pleased to know that the educational sector in the Netherlands also has vacancies that are difficult to fill due to a lack of qualified candidates for certain positions. I recommend that you apply for education jobs in the Netherlands that are for scholars, researchers, post-doctoral fellowships, lecturers, and research assistants, but you may need a higher degree and a science background for these positions.

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5- Jobs for Engineers in the Netherlands

Mechanical engineering, software engineering, and chemical engineering jobs are in high demand in the Netherlands. You can look for engineering jobs at TOPIC Software Development, Fluor Corporation H.V., and Fluor Corporation H.V.

6- Front Desk Receptionist Jobs

Receptionist jobs in the Netherlands may also appeal to you because they fall under the category of skilled shortage professions that do not require a high level of education but do require certain skills such as public relations, negotiation, and customer service. The average salary for a receptionist in the Netherlands is approximately €3,800.

More Info

Benefits of Jobs in Netherlands:

  • High Quality of Life: The Netherlands maintains a consistently high position on global quality of life indices. A high standard of living is fostered by the provision of superior healthcare, education, transportation, and social services to the populace.
  • Strong Economy: The economy of the Netherlands is robust and diverse, with sectors including technology, finance, agriculture, logistics, and healthcare that are all flourishing. This economic stability affords opportunities for career advancement and job security.
  • Competitive Salaries: In high-demand industries including information technology, engineering, finance, and healthcare, in particular, the Netherlands provides competitive salaries. Benefits packages that are substantial, such as vacation allowances, health insurance, and retirement plans, frequently augment wages.
  • Work-Life Balance: Work-life balance is a key concern for employers in the Netherlands, as evidenced by their provision of flexible work arrangements, ample vacation time, and parental leave benefits. This emphasis on equilibrium permits time spent with family and the pursuit of personal interests.
  • Progressive Work Culture: A progressive work culture, distinguished by horizontal hierarchies, open communication, and an emphasis on collaboration, is well-known in the Netherlands. Employers foster an environment that appreciates and promotes innovation and creativity among workers at all hierarchical levels.
  • International Environment: The international environment in the Netherlands is characterized by a multicultural and diverse population, supported by numerous international organizations and corporations headquartered in major cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague. Working in this global setting affords individuals the chance to engage in interactions with individuals hailing from diverse cultural and historical contexts.
  • Education Opportunities: With its prestigious universities and research institutions, the Netherlands is renowned for its outstanding education system. Employees might be granted access to educational and professional development opportunities that serve to augment their competencies and credentials.
  • Health and Wellbeing: Dutch employers place a high value on the health and well-being of their employees, as evidenced by the provision of fitness facilities, wellness programs, and mental health support services. Numerous businesses encourage a healthy lifestyle via initiatives like bike-to-work programs and healthy dining options on-site.
  • Social Benefits: The social welfare system in the Netherlands is extensive and offers assistance to citizens in various domains, including housing, disability, unemployment, and child care. This safety net provides employees and their families with financial security and peace of mind.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Green initiatives and environmental sustainability are priorities for the Netherlands. Numerous employers demonstrate a commitment to environmental well-being by implementing eco-friendly workplace practices and prioritizing sustainable operations.
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