Hotel Jobs in USA: The dream of working in the US can turn into a reality for worldwide work searchers enthusiastically for hospitality. Numerous hotels across the USA offer enlivening open doors with visa sponsorship, allowing people to experience the American hospitality industry firsthand.

In this article, we will investigate the intricate details of lodging positions in the USA with visa sponsorship and guide you on the most proficient method to apply for them online.

  • Position: Waiter /Waitress
  • Location: All across USA n 52 Branches
  • Organization: 99 Restaurants and Pub
  • Visa Sponsorship Accessible: Yes

Restaurant Outline

  • Size: 5001 to 10,000 Representatives
  • Founded: 1952
  • Type Company – Private
  • Sector: Restaurants and Food Administration

Job Description:

Is it true that you are passionate about hospitality and searching for a chance to work in US? 99 Restaurant and Pub is looking for skilled people to join their Hotel management. We are at present contributing visa sponsorship for qualified candidates who are anxious to add to our eminent lodging.


  • Good Communication skills required
  • Soft and Polite Accent
  • Must have a College Education


  • Extensive advantages bundle
  • Visa sponsorship for qualified applicants
  • A chance for development and professional success
  • Social Experience

Working in the USA gives a one-of-a-kind social encounter, permitting you to connect with individuals from different foundations.

  • Profession Development

Inn occupations frequently offer open doors for professional success, empowering you to ascend the accommodation business stepping stool.

  • Handsome Pay

Good and competitive salary. Numerous hotels offer handsome compensation, benefits, and advantages to their employee.

  • Medical care – Café hourly colleagues might become qualified for well-being and government assistance designs the first of the month following an ACA estimation period in which normal hours worked each week is 30 or more prominent.

Hotel jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship present a thrilling and open door for global work searchers to seek after their energy for friendship while encountering American culture. By modifying your application and meeting the visa prerequisites, you can leave for a remunerating profession in the American hotel industry.

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Apply Method

Talented applicants are encouraged to apply online through our application gateway by following this link. Kindly include your resume and an introductory letter detailing your capabilities and making sense of your advantage in joining 99 Restaurant and Pub.

About 99 Restaurants and Pubs:

Join our group at 99 Restaurant and Pub and set out on a compensating profession in the friendliness business. We esteem variety and are focused on giving equivalent work amazing chances to every certified candidate.

Apply today to be a piece of our devoted group and experience the thrilling universe of hospitality at 99 Restaurant and Pub in the US.

99 Restaurant and Pub Waiter/Server

At The 99 Restaurant and Bar, we’re glad to offer adaptable timetables, full preparation with potential chances to develop your profession, extensive advantages, and a safe pleasant workplace We treat individuals right, and that is the reason our group causes new visitors to feel appreciated, and regulars feel totally at ease.

Presently Recruiting/Prompt Open doors Accessible for Full-Time and Part-time:


At 99 Café and Bar, we’re continuously searching for extraordinary colleagues to jump in and let choose and “Love Where You Work”. Present your application today, we can hardly hold on to meet you.

Join the 99 (The 99 Restaurant) group today. This Restaurant’s front-of-house work for Food Waiter/Server will zero in on visitor administration/tending to tables in which you will be supposed to give extraordinary client support. Mesero/Mesera jobs likewise should collaborate with colleagues cordially and smartly notwithstanding different Servers/Servers.

Promoted each hour normal compensation is a gauge in light of late information, yet not an assurance. All tipped colleagues are paid the tipped lowest pay permitted by law, in addition to tips.

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  1. What is the most widely recognized visa for available positions in the USA?

The H-1B visa is regularly utilized for hotel occupations, particularly in administration and specific jobs.

  1. Are language skills significant for occupations with visa sponsorship?

Language skills can be a resource, particularly if the hotel serves different customers. Notwithstanding, it changes by position.

  1. What amount of time does the visa sponsorship process generally require?

The processing time can change yet regularly requires several months, so prepare.

  1. Can I apply for a hotel job in the USA if I don’t have earlier experience in the industry?

Indeed, some section-level positions may not need related knowledge, yet it tends to be useful.

  1. Is visa sponsorship restricted to specific nationalities?

Visa sponsorship is generally available to qualified candidates from different nations, yet visa approaches can change, so it’s essential to stay up to date.

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