Along with Gucci, Versace, Armani, and Ferrari, Italy is famous for many other things, such as its wine, grapes, olives, chocolate, soybeans, and drum wheat. The European Union’s “Fruit Gem” gets its tutti-frutti from many family farms. In Italy, there are about 1.1 million farms that cover about 12.6 million hectares of land used for farming.

Italy has had a terrible worker shortage since 2024. This is because its population is getting older, there aren’t many babies being born, and people are leaving for other EU countries, especially Germany and England. To make up for the lack of workers, Italy is letting foreigners work in the scientific, medical, IT, and agricultural fields. We will talk in-depth about Fruit Picking and Packing Jobs in Italy with Visa Sponsorship 2024 that don’t need any schooling or experience.


Italy is known for its rich culture, delicious food, and beautiful scenery. It also has some of the best job opportunities in the agricultural field. One very appealing choice is picking and packing fruit. These jobs not only let you see a lot of different agricultural areas in Italy, but they also pay for your visa requirements.

Why Italy for Fruit Picking Jobs?

Italy’s mild weather and varied landscape make it a great place for agriculture to grow and thrive. The need for seasonal workers in this industry has been slowly growing, giving people looking for temporary work plenty of options. Also, the chance of getting a visa sponsored makes it even more appealing to people who want to enjoy Italy’s beauty while also making a living.

Requirements of Fruit Picking and Packing Jobs in Italy with Visa Sponsorship

  • Getting a work permit or work visa is necessary if you are not an EU citizen.
  • Speaking Italian is helpful for getting along with coworkers and people who live in the area, but you must be able to speak basic English.
  • Specific skills and knowledge are needed for each type of farm work, but having experience or skills in farming, viticulture, or animal care can be helpful.
  • For tasks that involve using machinery or chemicals, for example, you may need special training or licenses for some jobs.
  • Proof of a place to stay.
  • Proof of Money.

Benefits of Fruit Picking Jobs

There are many perks to working as a fruit picker in Italy besides the money. Working outside in beautiful fields and orchards not only gives people a unique connection with nature but also lets them experience the country’s rich culture tapestry. Seasonal work is good for the economy, and it also gives you the chance to improve your language and cultural understanding.

Are Fruit Farm Jobs in Italy Permanent?

Positions may be available at different times of the year depending on the farm. Some farms offer temporary or seasonal work during busy times, while others hire people all year long. You will need either a Type D Italian Worker Visa (which lets you stay in Italy for 5 years and work on more than one farm) or a Seasonal Worker Visa (which lets you stay and work in Italy for 9 months).

Italy Seasonal Worker Visa Requirements

You need to get permission to work and a special work visa before you go to Italy if you want to work there during the summer.

Italy has a system of quotas that are set every year.

  • Permission to work: The person hiring you has to apply for permission to work at the One-Stop-Shop for Immigration in the Prefettura where the job will be.
  • Residence permit: You have eight days from the time you arrive in Italy to apply for a residence permit at the “Prefettura” or “One-Stop-Shop for Immigration” of the relevant area.
  • Proof of Money: In general, it costs €116 to get a visa to enter Italy (but not a Uniform Schengen Visa). The price of a residence pass is €40 for stays of three to twelve months, €50 for stays of twelve to twenty-four months, and €100 for long-term stays, highly qualified workers, and people moving within the same company.

What is the Average Salary of Fruit Pickers and Packers in Italy with No Experience?

It costs 15.773 € per month to be a fruit picker in Italy, which is about 8 € an hour. You can make more money, though, if you have skills. The length of your shift and whether you work full-time or part-time are also things that affect this.

You can Find More Fruit Picking and Packing Jobs in Italy with Visa Sponsorship

Fruit Picking and Packing Jobs in Italy with Visa Sponsorship

Families can work on fruit farms in Italy and get a visa, free food, and a place to stay.

  • Because there are so many kinds of fruits, it takes about five months to gather, from July to early December. There are 12 km between the farm and Lignano, a busy summer town on the Adriatic Riviera known for its fine sand and beach volleyball courts. Venice is 70 km away.
  • Language practice, helping out on a farm, and making and cooking meals for the family
  • Five days a week, for no more than four to five hours a day

More Info

Orange Picking and Packing Jobs in Italy with Visa Sponsorship No Experience Needed

  • Italy is the job country. Agriculture is an industry. Type of Job: Farm Hands. No experience is needed. Not a lot of knowledge is needed. Limit on Age: No
  • Visa Yes to sponsorship. Pay: €2,835.00
  • Use the language. Help with projects that are good for the environment. Growing plants. Do-it-yourself and building projects. Take care of animals. Help on a farm. Making food for the family. Please help with things around the house. Maintenance in general
  • You will have your room in our house with a heater and a bathroom that you will share with other people.
  • Oranges and mandarins are free to pick right from the trees. You will learn how to cook simple foods.

More Info

Apples Picking and Packing Jobs in Italy Urgent Hiring with No Experience

  • North Umbria, Italy
  • Permanent Part-Time and Full-Time Jobs
  • General farm and machinery repair, driving big, modern GPS-guided machines (John Deere), working with a seasonal crew during planting and harvest, and working alone throughout the year are all part of the job. Over time, I worked my way up to being a manager. It is a business that only grows crops.
  • You don’t need any experience. You must know basic English.

More Info


Working as a fruit picker or packer in Italy is not only a good way to make money, but also a fun journey that combines work, culture, and personal growth. There are some problems, but the rewards are much greater. The experience is truly rewarding, from the economic benefits to the chance to learn about other cultures and make a difference in sustainable farming.

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