We are pleased to inform you about Food Counter Attendant Jobs in USA in 2024/2025

Lupoli Companies has been growing and developing in New England for over 20 years, creating jobs for both native-born and foreign workers. The company has won awards for its work. The group recently put up an ad for a food counter attendant job at a pizza place in the area. People from other countries who are looking for work would be sponsored for an EB-3 visa or other possible unskilled visa paths.

The job duties and requirements to apply are pretty simple when you look at the great perks, such as a competitive salary, tips, a free gym membership, and more. Find out about food counter attendant jobs in the USA that will sponsor your visa, pay well, and give you tips in the post below.


Do you love working with people and in the food business? People looking for work as food counter attendants will find a lot of great opportunities in the United States. The chance of getting a visa sponsored makes these opportunities even more appealing. We’ll get into the specifics of these jobs in this article, including the demand, the duties, and the way to get a job that will support your visa.

The Role of Food Counter Attendants:

Food counter workers are very important in the restaurant business. They are in charge of taking orders, processing payments, and making sure customers have a good time. From fast food chains to high-end places, they are an important part of making sure service runs smoothly and quickly.

Job Market Trends in the USA:

There are more and more jobs for people who work at food counters in the United States. As the food business grows, so does the need for skilled and committed people to fill these positions. There are many job chances for people who love helping people and are friendly, whether they live in a busy city or a quiet suburb.

Details of Food Counter Attendant Jobs in USA Visa Sponsorship:

Job Country USA
Industry Food/ Hospitality
Job Type Food Counter Attendant
Minimum Experience Required No
Education Required Basic English
Any Age Limit No
Visa Sponsorship
Relocation Yes
Accommodation No
Employment Term Temporary and Full-Time (Subject to Visa Extension)
Salary Hourly $17 per hour


  • Have worked in sales, food service, or a related job before
  • Being able to do well in a fast-paced setting.
  • Being able to get along with people.
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